Calzoleria Carlino

Process of realization

The production process requires time and attention to detail, achieving a unique and valuable end result, to provide maximum comfort and durability.

We understand that every customer has different needs and tastes, which is why we offer a personalized consulting service to guide them in choosing the perfect shoe for the desired occasion.

We are always available to provide information on technical features, materials used and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

First Contact

il cliente può conoscere il nostro team e i modelli che produciamo. Viene preso l’appuntamento e, se necessario, offriamo anche il servizio di consulenza online.

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We make the wooden form by hand carving it from beech wood, which is the base on which to build the shoe.

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Model realization

Using the customer's measurements, we create the freehand-drawn pattern, respecting the customer's needs and preferences.

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Leather cutting

The leather is hand-cut, assembled and stitched to form the upper of the shoe.

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Assembly and sewing

La scarpa viene assemblata con pinze e chiodi, e viene realizzata la cucitura. I fili e gli intrecci sono realizzati a mano, dando alla scarpa la massima resistenza e durata. Il tacco viene costruito strato per strato, lavorato con cura per garantirne la massima stabilità e comfort.

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Shoe testing

The shoe is tried on to make sure it fits snugly on the foot.

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Polishing and modifications

The shoe is polished and colored to give it the final touch. Finally, it is handed over to the customer for use.

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Once any changes are finished, we proceed with the delivery of the shoe.

Vision and style.

Vision and style.

The style of our shoes is unique, blending elegance and Italian quality with passion, tradition, style and identity.

Convinced that the shape of the shoe is as important as its functionality, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

We wish to leave an indelible mark in the history of shoemaking, and every creation that comes out of our hands is a manifesto of our vision and values. We believe that every individual should have the freedom to express his or her personal taste, and we offer a wide range of custom options to meet every need.

For those new to the custom shoemaking experience, we are here to guide you step by step. We also have a selection of shoes that represent our distinctive style and can be a source of inspiration.

This is the spirit of Calzoleria Carlino, where tradition and innovation meet to create unparalleled Italian shoes.


Each leather is carefully chosen, considering not only its quality, but also the origin and type of animal, which must be raised with love and respect for the environment.

We are not content to work only with the best raw materials, but are dedicated to making our footwear in an artisanal way, just as it was done 200 years ago.

Electricity has no place in our production, because we believe that only the hand of man, with his craftsmanship, can create timeless masterpieces.

Our custom-made and handmade shoes are the embodiment of our commitment to the pursuit of perfection, in every detail. It is the passion that animates us and drives us to do even more, to leave an indelible mark in the history of Italian shoemaking.